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High-Risk Pregnancy

Fort Sanders Women’s Specialists is uniquely positioned to handle high-risk pregnancy care with Fort Sanders Perinatal Center – located just steps away! 

If your pregnancy requires extra care, our physicians will work closely with the certified perinatologists, or maternal-fetal medicine specialists, Perry Roussis, MD and Gary Stephens, DO. Drs. Roussis and Stephens diagnose and treat complications that may develop during pregnancy or result from a mother’s pre-existing medical condition. 

Women at Risk for High-Risk Pregnancies include: 

  • Concerns regarding potential for birth defects or abnormalities
  • Medical problems such as diabetes, hypertension, asthma, lupus, heart disease, kidney disease, or a history of thrombosis
  • A history of prior pregnancy complications, such as preterm labor, premature rupture of membranes, recurrent pregnancy loss, birth defects, or fetal growth disturbance
  • A current pregnancy conceived by infertility treatment
  • A multiple pregnancy such as twins, triplets or quadruplets

We’ll collaborate closely with Fort Sanders Perinatal Center to provide consultation if your pregnancy is determined to be high risk throughout term.