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Prenatal Care

McKeown Prenatal CareThe aim of good prenatal care is to prevent problems or treat them when they first occur. While all the physicians at Fort Sanders Women’s Specialists have extensive OB experience, If any issue is questionable then we will direct you to appropriate specialists. We partner with Fort Sanders Perinatal Center for high-risk pregnancies to ensure complete prenatal care.

Prenatal Appointments

At your first appointment, we will confirm your pregnancy with lab tests. You will meet with the nurse who will assist in your pregnancy care. Any and all questions will be answered. Your first appointment is exciting!

  • You will hear your baby’s heartbeat for the first time.
  • You will receive a comprehensive health and OB/GYN checkup.
  • You will receive a prescription for pre-natal vitamins.

Increasingly-frequent visits are standard. If you have concerns between appointments, your calls are always welcomed.

  • Monthly checkups during your first two trimesters
  • Bi-weekly appointments from week 28 through week 36
  • Weekly visits through your term

At each prenatal checkup, your provider will do routine checks on you and your growing baby. These normally include your weight, blood and urine. During these visits will see your baby on ultrasound. Along the way, other tests may be necessary to make sure your baby is growing healthy. Prenatal checkups are the time to ask your provider all your questions you have about pregnancy and your baby.